The new way to Measure & Verify energy savings

Simple Reliable Cost-efficient

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Save more than 50% of your time
Increase Transparency & trust among stakeholders
Keep M&V costs below 10% of the savings

Validated by CMVPs

Matthias Zuliani, CMVP and EPC facilitator at Ingenium

"The MV-online solution is very different from all other softwares on the market. It facilitates my work as a CMVP is many ways. Modelling the baselines is very easy and everything is centralised in one single tool and in accordance with the IPMVP protocol. It allows me to work faster and in a more efficient way"

Designed following the public guidelines issued by EVO for IPMVP
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Easy & fast data collection

"The data I need to collect for my projects come in different formats and from many different sources. It takes me much time and effort to collect it and clean it before I can even start working on a model creation" This is a pain most CMVPs have shared with us

We have worked to facilitate the integration of historical data as well as of independent variables such as degree days. You can automatically collect data from: PDF invoices, Distribution System Operator, weather data (worldwide), Energy Management System already in use, Building Management System, monitoring devices...

Simple & reliable model creation

"Excel, minitab, python, retscreen, ... they are good tools but they oblige you to work in a decentralised and complex manner."This is a pain most CMVPs have shared with us

Generate models for options A, B and C of IPMVP with as many variables as needed. In addition, you can also:

  • edit the imported data in order to exclude what could impact the precision of the model
  • easily identify the correlation of independent variables before creating the baseline
  • select the identification method (e.g multiple regression methods, linear regression, etc.)
  • assess the fit of the models using R2, CVRMSE, MBE and identify the relevance of each variable
  • extract back the data used in the model formula in a summary report generated to demonstrate reliability to your clients

Track savings & share results with your clients

Here, too, we have thought of ways to save you time. The most common KPIs are directly available, such as: financial savings, energy savings, CO2 savings... In addition, you can create as many custom KPIs as you need to have a clear follow-up of the results

Reports based on calendars and thresholds

Schedule monthly, quarterly, yearly reports that are sent automatically to your clients. Set financial thresholds and be notified when payback objectives have been reached.

Include all information your need to build a complete M&V plan: ECM, IPMVP Option and Measurement boundary, baseline information, reporting period, basis for adjustment, analysis procedure, energy prices, meter specifications, monitoring responsabilities, expected accuracy, budget, report format, quality assurance.

The first 100 adopters will have a three-month FREE access, at product release

*Be among the first 100 subscribers and get 3 months of FREE as soon as the product is released